How RevGenius uses Job Board Fire to serve and monetize its 12k strong community

Noelle Baquiche
April 14, 2021

I recently caught up with Jared and DJ from RevGenius, the fast-growing community for professionals in sales, marketing and revenue ops. RevGenius was launched in May 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, after Jared identified a need for a single home for revenue professionals.

Jared, what made you start RevGenius?

Jared: Having lost my job a little before the shutdown, I noticed job opportunities went from good to none very fast. I realised the need for myself to show up at webinars and online recruiting events. But what I saw was a really fragmented market; there was no single aggregated spot.

In terms of existing communities in the market, we saw four major players but none of them were truly inclusive and accessible since they charged membership fees.

It was at that point I saw none were truly empathetic to the times. And even outside the pandemic there was no community that recognised and educated sales and marketing professionals, a place where they felt safe to share the stresses of ‘holding the bag’ so to speak. RevGenius was born.

What does RevGenius offer its members?

Jared: Primarily we give people a network, and with that comes camaraderie and empathy. Career-wise we connect people with education and job interviews, if that’s what they need.

Our philosophy is to give, and give selflessly. Altruism is the currency of the universe. So we truly listen to our members, and whatever they need or are struggling with, we look to help them with that.

Our community primarily exists on Slack, Linkedin and Clubhouse, as well as our website.

We're always wanting to create a safe, inclusive and better place for everybody. 

Why launch a job board for your community?

Jared: Niche communities are valuable to recruiters, and this became very clear to us when a major company came towards us and offered us a monthly retainer to help them with their recruiting function.

Hiring is the most important thing to help companies scale. VPs need to hire.

Second, it’s obviously of major value to our members to be able to connect them with great opportunities. So it’s an added perk of being part of the community.

Why choose Job Board Fire? 

DJ: We originally connected our members with jobs with a no-code job board we’d built ourselves using a combination of Webflow, Airtable and Zapier. It worked but it quickly became clear that it wouldn’t scale. We needed a job board that functioned autonomously to take the manual side out of managing it day-to-day. We needed the features Job Board Fire has as standard, like integrated payments, self-serve employer profiles and the automatic job alert emails to our members. It’s worked great.

How do you monetize your community? 

Jared: Up until recently we’ve been solely funded by sponsorships. We have 15 partners, who want to promote marketing and sales software to our community, including the likes of CaptivateIQ, LeanData and AirDeck

But we’ve realised more holistically those same partners don’t just have one need. If you’re a billion dollar company, your other departments are hiring. Hence why we’re scaling the job board side of the business.

We give our community members tremendous value, helping them build their brands, getting them so much business and not charging them for it. So you know, what happens? They keep showing up, and it builds, and they invite other people. And that’s the secret for the viral growth we’ve seen to date.

What's next for RevGenius?

Jared: True community transcends platform, so one thing’s for sure, we’ll be experimenting and testing out new ways for our members to connect. We'll eventually build our own community platform, in addition to Slack.

DJ: From what I've seen from other communities they tend to fall into a plateau in terms of trying new things. They eventually stop learning, iterating and growing their community. And the one thing that stands apart about RevGenius so far is that we're ready to try anything to improve, grow the community and provide value. And if it doesn't work, we learn and iterate, just like with our previous job board - we tried to do it ourselves, we learned, and then we found Job Board Fire

It’s that continuous process I think that’s key to growing a good community.

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