Top 50 Best Job Board Software for 2021

Noelle Baquiche
Noelle Baquiche

September 14, 2020

Top 50 Best Job Board Software for 2021

Here at Job Board Fire, we run popular job board software that lets entrepreneurs, community managers and publishers create niche, white label job boards like RemoteOK, AngelList or UnicornHunt fast, and without writing a single line of code.

Try it for yourself and create a job board!

Sometimes our users have unique use cases (like recruitment agencies who need an ATS), and ask for recommendations for alternative software for their project so we've put together this comparison of the top 50 best job board software tools to help you get building your job board faster. ‍

What is job board software?‍

Job board software allows websites to host a job board, similar to GlassDoor or Indeed. It's designed to connect employers with candidates by allowing employers to post, and promote job vacancies, while enabling candidates to subscribe to, and apply for relevant job adverts. ‍

Types of job board software‍

There are many different kinds of job board software for specific business types such as for associations, recruitment agencies and internal hiring, all of which have unique features and business requirements.

If you can’t use Job Board Fire for your job board, here are our recommendations for the top 50 job board software alternatives to consider according to your business type and use case.

  • For associations
  • For accelerators & VCs
  • For general use
  • Wordpress job board themes & plugins
  • Open source job board software
  • For colleges and universities
  • For publishers
  • For enterprise
  • For internal hiring
  • For local job sites
  • For recruitment agencies

Top 50 Best Job Board Software Tools

Best for Associations

Specialist job board creator for EDOs, NGOs, Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce. Average annual price: $5,100 + $850 setup fee.

Naylor Careers](
Job board software for associations, with in-built analytics such as benchmarking and performance data.

Specialists in job boards for associations and professional membership bodies.

Webscribble job board software powers 1000+ professional and trade associations job boards worldwide.

Boxwood Job Board
Simple white label job board software for associations.
Job board software for associations, with useful features like Single Sign On (SSO) for members. Average annual price: $3,588.

General Use Job Board Software

SmartJobBoard (Keen Steps Inc.)
A well-known multi-purpose job board software to build niche job boards. Allows login with LinkedIn, Facebook or Google. Average annual price: $7,188. These 7 job board creators are frequently used as Smartjobboard alternatives. (Hot Lizard) provides job board software in 12 month contracts and allows for migration of existing job boards to their platform. Average annual price: $6,588.

Forcefinder offers enterprise level job board software either hosted or self-hosted. Includes built-in upsell options and monetization options. Average annual price: $5,388.

JobBoardHQ has a tiered package system with e-commerce and API access as premium features. They offer additional features and customization for an additional fee. Average annual price: $4,788 + $249 setup fee.

CareerLeaf offers white labelled job board software, with monetization features and CRM integration.

JOBartO's job board software is designed for small businesses, and has a built-in email marketing platform. It also includes SMS messaging integration.

Wordpress Job Board Themes & Plugins

WPJobBoard (Plugin)
A WordPress widget that tacks on to your existing WordPress site. It has one click installation and works with any WordPress theme.

A popular turn-key job board Wordpress theme.

Job Engine
An easy, simple customizable WordPress job portal template.

Freelance Engine
This theme is one of the best clones of

A WordPress theme created for job agencies and recruiters.

Handyman lets anyone create a job directory site for electricians, plumbers, contractors and handymen.

Simple, lightweight job board theme.

Best Open Source Job Boards

Simplejobscript (NiteSoft)
Lightweight, extendable source code, with multi currency support and has been translated into 10 languages.

Jobberbase is an open source job board software for the creation of free job boards. Though discontinued, patches for it are on github.

Tramcar is a self hosted job board built using Django. It is open source and still in development. Allows for weekly emails to jobseekers using Mailchimp.

Best for Colleges & Universities

Jobbex (Avidweb Technologies)
Jobbex creates custom, monetizable job boards for both private and public companies, including governmental agencies and educational/research institutions. Average annual price: $4,740.

Salary comparison and job board software.

Best for Publishers

Madgex specialise in enterprise-grade custom job board software for associations and publishers.

White label job boards for associations and publishers.

Best Enterprise Job Board Software

Recruitive provides an ATS, onboarding and recruitment services for companies such as FedEx and Patisserie Valerie.

ATS for large corporates such as Tesco and KFC. Average annual price: £12,000. (ZipRecruiter)
Multi purpose job board software. Allows for multiple job boards under one account. Used by TechCrunch, Politico and the AACR. Average annual Price: $5,388.

Matchwork (AlphaPlex)
Matchwork job board software is targetes support and call client partners.

UK-based job board software that centres around mobile capability and social media integration. Their software is used by Jobs In Football, and Africa Legal.

BeWorkHappy offers analysis and categorization of incoming applications via an API.

Best for Internal Hiring

OTYS (OTYS Recruiting Technologie)
Along with offering recruitment tools, as part of their OTYS Go! package, OTYS provides job board software to help companies manage internal hiring processes.

Templated job boards for internal hiring within organizations, recruitment agencies and online advertisers. Average annual price: $360 + $1300 for iOS and Android apps.

Best for Local Job Listings

Recruitology provides a white labeled job boards for local markets. It’s popular with local news organisations.

MarketGrabber offers back-end solutions for job boards, market places and directory websites. Additional features include add-ons for geolocation and applicant tracking. Price: $699 one time payment.

Best for VCs & Accelerators

Getro automatically populates your job board with your portfolio companies' jobs, so job postings are always up to date. Customers include Redpoint, Foundry Group and Sapphire Ventures. Average annual price: $6,480. ‍

Best for Recruitment Agencies

Gecko (Hotlizard)
Hotlizard builds bespoke job board software that automatically connects with the network. Select from a range of templated designs or create a bespoke site for a premium fee.

FXRecruiter (Reverse Delta)
FXRecruiter specializes in fully functional recruitment websites for staffing agencies. Includes features such as automated job feeds to Indeed on premium plans.

JXT provides digital marketing solutions for recruiters including job board software. The software has an applicant tracking system built in and integrates well with social media.

Nodex (Fabric Jobs)
Nodex offers custom recruitment website development. Average annual price: £10,188 + £549 setup fee.

RussMedia JobBoard
Russmedia Solutions offers a core job board with mobile functionality and job multiposting as premium features.

RX Jobsite (Recruitment Exchange)
Recruitment Exchange has a job board software that is device friendly and can handle high traffic. Average annual price: $4,740.

Strategies Group
Strategies offers full service website development for recruitment agencies. Websites are mobile friendly and jobs are shareable via social media.

Volcanic offers job board software as part of their end to end job site solutions for startups and smaller recruitment agencies.

JobMount (Aspen Technology Labs)
JobMount offers job board software for corporates and recruitment agencies, with premium features such as job posting to aggregators. Average annual price: $3,900 + $4,950 setup fee.

eJobBoard includes an applicant tracking system into its job board software. You can also import or distribute jobs via XML or RSS feeds. Average annual price: $348 + $99 setup fee.