What is job board software? Types and use cases

Noelle Baquiche
Noelle Baquiche

October 31, 2020

What is job board software? Types and use cases

What is job board software?‍

Job board software is a type of code or web platform that allows you to list job opportunities on your website. Typically job board software includes 3 main types of functionality. 1) The ability for employers to post jobs. 2) The ability for job seekers to search and filter jobs easily 3) The ability for job seekers to subscribe for job alert emails.

Beyond these 3 main features, functionality can vary widely according to which specific use case the software is tailored for. ‍

Types of job board software

There are 3 main types of job board software, each with their own benefits and limitations:

Open Source: Open source software is code that is available for free for developers to use and modify how they wish. The key benefits include complete control over your final product, and the drawbacks are the time and possibly cash investment if you’re not a developer since you’ll need to hire one. Popular examples include Jobberbase and SimpleJobScript.

Web Builders: Web builders such as Wordpress and Webflow have themes, templates and widgets to enable the moderately tech savvy to create a job board portal on their site. The key benefits include a certain level of customisation and branding, and the drawbacks include time investment since the learning curve for these tools is steep, and secondly a lack of integrated features such as job alerts.

SaaS Tools: SaaS job board software enables anyone to create a job board from scratch using a simple interface, and without needing to write a line of code. The key benefits are the speed, ease and the high degree of sophistication. The drawbacks include the price point since SaaS tools charge job board owners monthly. The most well known job board software is SmartJobBoard, which starts at $349/mo. However most people find this price point prohibitive so that’s why we started Job Board Fire as a great SmartJobBoard alternative.

How to choose job board software

As mentioned above, there are many, many different types of job board software which are tailored to different use cases: for membership organisations, recruitment agencies, for entrepreneurs, or even as a way to generate leads, and so on.

To help make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 50 best job board software according to your needs.