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Why Start a Niche Job Board?

Don't compete with thousands of other marketers to dropship or affiliate market the exact same products that might not be there a week from now.

Build a Real Business

Build a Real Business

Build a lasting brand that you control and an audience that's loyal to you.

Keep 100% of the Profits

Keep 100% of the Profits

You decide how much to charge employers for job posts, and you keep 100% of the profits.

Start in Minutes

Start in Minutes

We're like Shopify for job boards. You can have your own branded job board website up and running in just a few minutes.

What’s a Niche Job Board?

A job board is a website where employers pay to post jobs, and job seekers search for jobs. Think Indeed or Monster.

A niche job board is a job board focused on serving a specific group of job seekers or employers.

How Big Can Niche Job Boards Get?

A niche job board can start as a side hustle that nets you a few hundred dollars every month, and it can grow into a mature business.

There are thousands of niche job boards like FlexJobs that have grown to over 20 employees.

There are thousands of niche job boards like RemoteOk that are run by one person and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

How big your niche job board grows depends on what you're looking for, and how much time you want to invest.

How Can You Compete with Giant Job Boards?

Giant job boards try to serve everybody and end up providing an unremarkable experience for most job seekers.

You can easily outcompete them by serving only a niche group of job seekers and providing a great experience.

How Do You Choose a Niche?

You can define your niche as loosely or strictly as you wish, but generally the narrower the niche the easier it is to market your job board.

Remote startup jobs, NYC in-home nursing jobs, and freelance copywriting gigs are all valid niches.

You don’t need to be the first job board for a niche to be successful. Competition is a good indicator of a healthy niche.

How Do You Grow a Job Board?

There's three stages of job board growth.

1. The Manual Value Generation Stage.

You've just started your job board, and employers don't know who you are.

You focus on attracting job seekers by re-listing a handful of high quality job posts in your niche to your job board daily.

You bring value to job seekers by filtering out jobs they don't care about.

2. The Automatic Growth Stage.

You were at stage 1 for a while. You've built up a bit of brand recognition within your niche. Some job seekers have heard of you, and some employers have seen traffic referred from your job board.

Your users are now providing value to each other, and you no longer have to manually re-list job posts.

3. The Monetized Stage.

You were at stage 2 for a while. Your job board has gained traction and has a healthy amount of monthly traffic. You're even getting some organic search traffic.

Employers can clearly see the value of your job board and are happy to pay hundreds of dollars to post a job. Your job board is now a reliable source of income.

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