Job Board Software For Publishers

Monetize your audience, reduce bounce rates, and drive organic growth with the easiest to use job board solution.

Monetize Your Audience

Monetize Your Audience

Diversify your monetization strategy by investing in a reliable, ad-block proof revenue stream.

Reduce Bounce Rates

Reduce Bounce Rates

Increase time-on-site and reduce bounce rates by helping your readers make their next career move.

Drive Organic Growth

Drive Organic Growth

Drive word of mouth referrals, increase search traffic, and amplify brand awareness by creating a job board for your niche.

Time Tested Strategy

Ever since newspapers were the new hotness publishers monetized their audience by selling job ads to employers.

Don't you think it's time you caught on?

Create a branded job board and offer your readers more value, drive orgaic growth, and generate more revenue.

Easy Setup

Unbelievably Easy Setup

Creating a branded job board for your publication takes minutes.

It's as simple as uploading your logo and choosing your brand color.

Job Board Fire uses smart defaults to create an on-brand, modern, and responsive job board without a ton of configuration.