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Job Board Fire makes it simple to build, launch and manage a successful career centre for your university club.

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Apply your

Allow employers to post jobs
(free or paid).

Deliver content your audience cares about without having to produce it.

Launch a job board in your niche.

Launch a job board in your niche.

1. Launch a job board in your niche.

2. Apply your branding.

3. Allow employers to post jobs (free or paid).

4. Deliver content your audience cares about without having to produce it.

Easily set up a careers centre - without writing a line of code!

You can have your own branded careers page and running in just a few minutes. Easily create a jobs board that your members will love — without writing a single line of code!

Connect your members with internships and graduate opportunities

Help students discover internships and career opportunities they would have never found otherwise.
Job Board Fire lets students subscribe for email alerts whenever new relevant positions arise.

Create real value for your sponsors and partners

Sponsors and industry partners want to be seen by your members, but annual careers fairs are rarely enough. Having a careers page is the easiest way to connect your corporate partners with your members 24/7.

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Common Questions

Why create a job board for my club?

Having a job board makes it quicker, easier and cheaper to connect your members with the opportunities that sponsors and other top firms provide.

Employers are always looking out for talented students but it's often hard for members to find the right career opportunities amidst the noise. Having a place where leading firms and sponsors can post the roles that suit your members makes it easier than ever before to find that perfect fit.

What are good examples of student-run career pages?

A careers page is essential to any academic or professional university club. In fact, all five of the top university societies at the 2019 NUE awards have a job board.

This includes UCL Entrepreneurs, Bristol Chaos Physics, Imperial College Civil Engineering Society and many, many more.

How do I monetize my job board?

Once you're ready to monetize your board, you can charge employers to post jobs, directly via your Job Board Fire board! We handle payments seamlessly.

Charge employers per job post, or for a pack of job posts, depending on how you'd like to set up your board.

If you have existing club sponsors, offering to promote job opportunities for them via your job board is a brilliant way to increase sponsorship value proposition. It's a digital way for them to connect with your members - even if the careers fairs are postponed due to COVID-19!

Is Job Board Fire fully white labeled?

Yes, unlike other job board software, Job Board Fire is truly white labeled.

We remove all of our own branding, and give you complete control over your job board’s look and feel. Easily add your own branding, and create unique custom designs in your Appearance settings.

You can also get help from Job Board Fire experts, who will custom code designs for you, free of charge, if you need it.

Where will my club's job board be hosted?

If you don't already have website for your club, not to worry. Job Board Fire will automatically host your job board of your own unique domain.

If you already have a domain for your club, you can easily connect it to Job Board Fire. Follow these quick steps to connect your domain to your job board.

Can I accept payments on my job board?

Yes! You can easily start collecting payments from your board via Stripe.

If you don’t have a Stripe account set up, no problem, you can easily set one up directly in your Job Board Fire dashboard.

It’s free and takes less than 5 minutes. Simply go to your job board settings, select Ecommerce and click "Connect Stripe". Enter your details and you’re all set.

Your new Stripe account is set up, and you’re ready to start receiving payments from advertisers straight away.