All-in-one job board software

The leading platform packed with all the tools you need to effortlessly start, grow, and manage your job board.

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Make an impression

Easily add your own brand colors, assets, and domain name to integrate directly with your website.

Go global

Launch a multi-lingual job board with our native support for over 100 locales and languages.

Hack away

Take full control of your job board using custom code, but only if you want to.

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Customizable fields

Ask the right questions from job seekers and companies. Make the answers public, or just use them to make smarter decisions.

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Best-in-class search

Connect job seekers with jobs they actually want – using our modern, remote-friendly, customizable search experience.

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Native applications

Let job seekers easily apply to jobs directly in your job board by uploading their resume or completing their profile.

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Applicant tracking system

Help companies manage their talent pipeline right in your job board with our built in Applicant Tracking System.

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Employer branding

Empower companies to attract talent by telling their story using public company profiles with custom fields tailored to your industry.

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Populate your job board with jobs by accepting direct posts, pulling jobs from backfill providers, importing from feeds, and scraping career sites.

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Gain organic traffic on autopilot with your search engine optimized job board and direct Google for Jobs integration.

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Prompt job seekers to subscribe at just the right time. Collect emails and integrate with the rest of your marketing tech to never lose a lead.

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Send personalized emails with relevant jobs. Keep job seekers coming back to your job board, and drive valuable applications for companies.

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