6 ways to generate leads with a niche job board

6 ways to generate leads with a niche job board

by Noelle Baquiche October 27, 2020

Whether you’re launching a new business or growing an existing one - email list building is a fundamental way to create sustainable growth.

However lead generation is not what it used to be.

Years ago, capturing and converting visitors was easy: offer a lead magnet like a PDF resource or eBook and watch your on-page conversion rate go through the roof.

Today, it’s a very different story.

Visitors have developed “optin blindness” after seeing similar offers on multiple sites. In essence, fewer visitors are willing to part with their email addresses. And if they are? You better have something of immense value to offer.

Despite this, lead magnets are still an essential part of any successful inbound strategy. And with good reason. Organic search leads enjoy a 14.6% close rate compared with outbound marketing's 1.7%.‍

This goes a long way to explaining why at Job Board Fire we’ve seen an increase in the number of growth marketers using job boards as part of their inbound strategy.


Niche job boards, like this one from luxury talent specialists JobLux, are designed to attract a specific market segment, which marketers can use to their advantage.

Like any lead magnet, job boards deliver content that’s of value to your market (new job opportunities), which in turn creates a vehicle to attract and capture leads, and ultimately turn them into your customer.

So, how does it work?

There are 6 main ways that launching a niche job board serves to generate new leads and ultimately generate new customers for your main business:

1. It's shareable content for social

Social is saturated with product ads and people marketing their businesses. In fact, 76% of B2B tech companies use social media to drive results - that’s more than blogging, organic search, and paid search.

Launching a job board for your niche gives you the ability to share your new job posts on social, giving you a new way to spark interest from target customers who, despite your best efforts, might have not clicked on your usual content.

2. Boosts organic search traffic

Tapping into new search traffic

By launching a job board using software like Job Board Fire, Google Jobs will continuously pull your job posts into their search results. So when your target customers search for new careers, you’ll receive a portion of the traffic too.

alt text

Google Jobs aggregates job posts - giving your posts even more visibility.

Boosting search rankings with unique content

By listing job posts on your website you are effectively creating a constant source of new, unique, and relevant content - all of which is great for SEO.

3. Creates new opportunities for partnerships and referrals

Word of mouth is the most profitable way to acquire customers, and by some estimates influences over 50% of all purchasing decisions, yet most companies don’t have a strategy in place for it.

A prevailing attitude is that it’s difficult to engineer, and 61% of marketers consider finding relevant micro-influencers for a campaign challenging.

Launching a niche job board for your industry serves as a great opportunity to introduce your business to the other companies in your ecosystem. You might offer them the opportunity to promote their job openings for free. Or send them candidates from your site directly with a tracked link so their marketing or HR departments take notice.

The first step to people talking about you, is knowing about you. The second, is knowing how awesome you are. The third, liking you.

Once your ecosystem is familiar with your offering, this sets the stage for them to generate word-of-mouth referrals.

4. Increases on-page conversion

A high value lead magnet is one of the best ways to get email opt-ins from new site traffic.

Across all industries, the average performing lead magnets successfully captured contact details for 2.35% of visitors, with the top 25% converting at 5.31% or higher.

However, creating these higher value, higher converting lead magnets, such as a webinar, or quiz can be labour intensive to create and promote.

What came as a surprise even to us at Job Board Fire, that despite niche job boards being relatively quick and easy to set up, new visitors to our customers’ boards subscribed for job alerts at an average rate of 3.1%. That’s a better performing conversion than most lead magnets, and takes under a day to launch.

What's more, we found that the more niche and unique the job board, the higher the subscribe rate too.

5. Segment leads in real-time

When new leads sign up for job alerts they have the option to select the categories and roles that are most relevant to them.

As the job board owner, you’ve now collected data about their role, seniority and whatever else they’ve selected, making it simpler to triage them through your lead funnel.

alt text Job alert subscription data gives you lead data for segmentation. ‍

6. Nurtures leads on autopilot

Lead nurturing, i.e. delivering timely and useful content to your subscribers, keeps your brand, product or service front of mind until an eventual purchasing decision.

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads, yet despite the known benefits, only 35% of B2B marketers have a lead nurturing strategy in place.

The reason? 59% cite the ability to create relevant content as the biggest blocker.

With this in mind, one of the most exciting parts of launching a niche job board with Job Board Fire is that whenever a new lead subscribes, they are delivered ongoing updates of new relevant job opportunities automatically - without you having to do a thing.

And yes ultimately, your lead will find a new job (booo!) and unsubscribe from that list.

But with time to employment from first interview taking over one month on average, that’s plenty of time for you to work your smarketing magic on them. 😉