What is a job board? Definition

Noelle Baquiche
Noelle Baquiche

October 1, 2020

What is a job board? Definition

What is a job board? ‍

Job boards are websites that display job vacancies. They’re used by job seekers to search for relevant career opportunities. Employers and recruiters use job boards to advertise open positions. Examples of popular general job boards are Indeed, Glassdoor and Monster.

Types of job board

There are 3 main types of job board: 1) General, 2) niche and 3) for recruiters. General job boards like Monster display a wide variety of positions, across many different sectors. Others, like RemoteOK, will only promote jobs within a given niche - in this case, remote-only positions. If you’re a company looking to hire people to join your team, you’ll list these on your own website using a recruiter job board like Workable, which helps you organize inbound applications.

How do job boards make money?

If you want to start a job board business, and make money from your job board, understanding these 3 key monetization strategies is vital. General and niche job boards charge employers to advertise jobs on the website and promote them to their network, usually via email. Recruiter job boards, like Workable, charge employers for using their ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to manage inbound applications.

Examples of how job boards make money:

General Job Board: Indeed Indeedallows anyone to post a job for free. Their revenue comes from additional services to promote visibility above other search results, for which they operate a pay-per-click model.

Niche Job Board: RemoteOK RemoteOK charges employers per job post. Their baseline cost is $259 per month for one job post, with additional promotion services charged at a premium. Additional services offered include, highlighting a post ($99), sticking posts to the top of the homepage for one month ($1347), and many more. RemoteOK is an open startup, and publishes its revenue, as well as other key metrics. View RemoteOk’s revenue.

For more examples of niche job boards, we love this list of 100 niche job boards.

Recruiter Job Board: Workable Workable charges employers $99 per job post. Included within this are 3 main levels of service: Job promotion, evaluation tools and onboarding for successful candidates.

How to create a job board website:

There are 3 main ways to create a job board: 1. No Code Tools: You can try and make a job board using a handful of these no code SaaS tools. 2. Job Board Software: Easily build a professional white label job board with one of these 50 job board software tools. 3. Custom Development: Post your project on Upwork and have developers to bid to build it for you.